Import arranger track as parts

Seeing as a lot of work needs to be done in Cubase it would make sense if an arranger track could be imported as parts.

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That is already built in, there are options in the VST Live Import dialog how to use the arranger track and one is for it to create Parts.

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I have selected Create Parts and the arranger track does not carry over, hence no parts created. Suggestions?

The Arrange Track itself is not imported yet. The options are:

  • create Parts from Arrange Track Entries (with option to create time triggers)
  • create Songs from Arrange Track Entries
  • ignore Arrange Track

Thank you musicullum. When I select “create parts” I still only get 1 part. What am I doing wrong?

… have you ticked the Arrange Track with the Cubase “VST Live Export” dialog? VST Live can only create Parts when the Arrange Track is available in the “Media Project”. Please try it again. Select a fresh Export folder. If it still does not work, please zip the Export folder and give it to us.


I swear I repeated this process doing exactly that, including the arranger track, but I think I was saving it to a different location than where I was loading it from in VST Live. Got it now. Thank you for your patience!

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to play around with this program again. I am able to create parts and triggers from arranger track, however, when I want to play parts randomly, double-clicking with mouse doesn’t work. I had it working with arrow keys and space bar, but even then it only works on occasion. Suggestions?

I am using VST Live


You cannot play Parts randomly (yet).
When Transport is started, you cannot jump except for cycle. You can select Parts to engage sound changes (activate Layers, Stacks, and Modules), but when you click the play icon nothing will happen (yet) unless Transport is stopped.

Thank you musicullum. As always, I appreciate you and your quick responses. I was also concerned that not all of the parts had a play icon (some just an open circle), but that did not affect playability.