Import audio CD modal dialog?

I find the “Import audio CD” dialog disturbs workflow because you can’t do anything else while it’s active. You can’t minimise it, and you can’t put it in the background which means you can’t even browse the internet while you wait for completion of the task.

Yes you can, if you deactivate the option “Keep visible when switching to other applications”, from the Window menu of the dialog.

Ah great, thanks!

Back to this again I’m afraid … even with that option disabled, on clicking “Save” another dialog appears, and that one, “Importing CD track(s)”, stays on top of everything else, and there’s nothing you can do until the process completes.

The Folder selection dialog? Right, but this can’t be avoided. And this dialog is meant to be a temporary dialog, it is to be closed as soon as you have selected the desired folder.

No – what I mean is, after you’ve selected everything and are ready to import the CD tracks, the final action is to click the “Save” button, which brings up a new dialog with the progress indicators. Even though I can switch to other applications while that dialog is open, I can’t see them fully because the “Importing CD track(s)” dialog stays on top.

Strictly speaking the “Importing CD track(s)” dialog is not modal, but it is an “always on top” window which I can’t hide.

This only happens during the actual import process of course, but with e.g. a CD containing many individual audio tracks this can take some time, especially when using Ultra-Safe mode.

Thanks for the explanation. I will look at this later.

Just some further information, I’ve noticed the same thing when writing a Data CD/DVD once the “Writing optical disc” dialog appears. Again, it’s particularly bothersome when writing at slower speeds with verify because you can’t do anything else while you wait,