Import Audio CD problem in C605 32 bit

Hi folks. I’m sure this is out there somewere but when I try to search the forum my search argument is disallowed because “Import”, “Audio” and “CD” are too common?!?


When I try to import audio from a CD in full C 6.05 32 bit I see no drives listed. I have 2 drives, an NEC ND-3520 and a LG DRD8160B in Win 7 64 bit with both 64 bit and 32 bit full Cubase 6.0.5. The drives are visible to other applicatons and to the 64 bit version of cubase. 32 bit Cubase can see the drives - I can import audio files fron data discs and can see the .cda files on the disc from IMPORT MEDIUM in the pool but I can’t see the drives in the Import Audio CD dialogue. I have put the winaspi32.dll file in System32 and have tried installing the gearsoft driver update.

Appreciate any help.


OK, rechecked the GEARASPI site and ran through the confirmation checks - now all fine.