Import Audio CD problems...

I’m in the process of putting my CD-Collection on external harddrives (approx. 5000) and I’m using WL 7.2.1 to import the audio CD’s in WAV-format.

On some CD imports (maybe 1 in every 20) track 1 have some glitches or drop-outs (fraction of a second) and I have to use the ultra-slow mode to have a Perfect import. But ultra-slow mode is not preferable when importing 5000 CDs.
Is this a matter of importing speed, because I can no longer set a reading speed as one could on previous WL-Versions.
The reading speed lives a life on its own and starts slow at maybe 4x and then rapidly increases to 15x - 18x and increases all the time during a CD import and ends at maybe 30x or 40x.
Is this how it should be. Because I suspect that the glitches appear when on track 1 the import speed quickly increases from 4x to 15x in a second or two.
In older WL Versions I would choose maybe 8x and the import worked steady through the whole CD and the import was flawless. Is it possible to have a chosen, constant import speed in WL7.
I use a Plextor PX-LB950SA
Anybody experiencing similar problems?

As you noticed, many CD readers ignore speed instructions and adapt the speed as fast as they can. They start slower and increase as much as they can. If you run WaveLab 6 on the same computer, you should not see a difference.
Maybe you could try another CD reader?