Import audio comes in slower and longer

Hi everyone, I have created a 10 second audio file of a shaker played straight. It is sitting in my folder on my desktop and windows explorer is telling me it is 10 seconds long. When I double click on it, the computer plays the wav file as it should sound, at the right pitch and length, so I know the audio file is good. When I drag it onto a new blank track (or go file>import) it comes in slower and longer than it really is. The track above it has the original, which I have warped etc, and is the correct length and pitch. The length is 4 bars. I went audio mixdown to create the file I want to use. The new one comes in more than 4 bars and is lower in pitch. Timestretch is turned off. I can turn timestretch on and drag the length, but that doesn’t raise the pitch. Ideally I don’t want to mess about with this audio file, I just want to place it into position so it plays normally. The shaker sounds great at the correct pitch. I don’t want my shakers at a lower pitch! Why, when I drag a file in that I know is the correct length and pitch, is Cubase making it longer and lower? Thanks!

Turn on the automatic sample rate conversion on import.
And of course, check your export settings.

Thanks, I will try that. There is definitely something not right with my settings as some samples are 32 bit float and some are 24 bit. I also need to decide what to set the projects at. Need to look into it a bit more and pay more attention! Thanks