Import Audio File Drag and Drop Broken in Nuendo 13?

Hey! It seems like dragging and dropping audio from Import Audio File or from Windows Explorer is broken in Nuendo 13? If I try to drag and drop, there’s a ‘no entry’ logo and it refuses. I haven’t had this issue before that I can remember in any of the previous versions going back at least 10 years.

I work as a sound designer and sometimes search through huge lists of audio files and clicking Open on each and then reopening the Import Audio File dialog and searching again is no good, especially when dragging many small, similar files.

One common suggestion is to turn off Run as Administrator for Nuendo, but that’s not the issue here as far as I can see. Neither Nuendo nor Explorer are running in admin mode. Dragging and dropping into Nuendo 12, 11 and 10 work fine from the same folders.

Any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong, or is this how it is in Nuendo 13? In the meantime I will work in version 12, which is totally fine for now.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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The same problem,I don’t know why they want to turn off this feature.

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I use Basehead and it works fine, but I can’t say about Explorer.

Anyways, have you tried to use MediaBay? It’s great, has audition, metadata, etc. and is much better than using explorer for searching and importing audio files! Can be a good option while you don’t find a solution.


Yeah surprised as a sound designer you are using Windows Explorer and not something 3rd party or Media Bay since metadata is so important with sound design! You should def check the options out there - could potentially really improve workflow.


Yeah, other solutions offer not only metadata, but also very useful stuff like spot to track, taglists, advanced search options, ignore silence, waveform display, the ability to use plugins, convert tracks, choosing a region of a clip and sending it to the DAW with handles, etc.etc.

Worth trying around!


Nuendo 13 now offers Windows-compliant multi-window handling. Maybe this is the reason why it no longer works?

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Just tested, it’s working fine for me here.

I’m on Win 11. It seems to be a bug related to some specific system configurations.

I do use the Media Bay for everyday sound design work. I’m a composer for games, too, and I’m just used to sometimes choosing File > Import > Audio File for some things. Not sure why. :slight_smile: Sometimes I might have an Explorer folder open with something a studio has sent me and I just want to drag it into a project without going through more steps. Very strange that this is suddenly not working for me after all these years.

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Oh ok! Sorry for thinking so little of you haha =)

Before you said that it didn’t work if you dragged the file into the timeline. But it seems it doesn’t work with Import Audio either?

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Strange that you should encounter this. Dragging from Windows Explorer into the Project window works fine here (Windows 10).

However, dragging from the Import / Audio file dialogue no longer works in 13.

That can be an issue if you inadvertently left ‘run as administrator’ on… but you should only ever use ‘run as administrator’ temporarily for a specific reason.

No worries! I understand the wording I used in my original post does indeed make it seem like I only use Import Audio File or Explorer. :slight_smile: That’s my bad.

But yes, seems like drag and drop from both Import Audio File and also from Windows Explorer is not working for me. It’s not a huge deal, just an annoyance sometimes when I forget, and I hoped maybe there was a simple solution or an option I have never noticed that is either on or off by default in this new version.

Thanks for your help and suggestions, everyone!

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Now I’m curious, why do you drag and drop from the Import Dialog? heheh

Hmm, trying to think what I use it for usually. It’s sometimes when someone sends me something over Slack or Discord, for example, maybe some stems for something or some references the studio wants me to work towards. And by some kind of muscle memory or bad habits, for this kind of purpose it’s just convenient for me to File > Import > Import Audio File. It defaults to my download folder and is sorted by date, so I can just audition then drag and drop the files I need and don’t have to search for anything. Maybe there’s a file they sent on Tues and a file they sent on Mon and now I can’t click, audition to make sure it’s the right file, drag and drop it into the project and then move down the list to the next file, I have to audition, open, and then re-open Import Audio File box and scroll down again.

I also just realised now I can’t drag and drop video files into the project either. I usually record game footage of a character animation, for example, convert it, File > Import > Import Video File, and then I can go through and get the ones I need. And seems like I have to click Open each time and import every file separately with 13 on my system. I can multi-select of course and open several at once, but for whatever reason, I might want to drag a video on to the playhead, displaying the video in the video player, to make sure it’s the correct video before I scroll down.

Having said all this, I’ve been using Nuendo since version 2 in 2000 and I’ve probably picked up some bad habits with certain things and just never changed how I operate. :slight_smile:

Ohhh thats true, Import Audio dialog closes following import! It would be nice if we could opt for it to remain open, so we can import more files from different folders, etc.

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For sure! I see I was really not clear enough in my original post, but yes, that’s the main issue/annoyance for me, is that now every time I want to import something from the Import Audio File or Import Video File dialogue, the only option is for me to select a file and click Open, which imports the file and closes the dialogue so you have to open it again from File > Import > Import Audio/Video File, or you have to know which files you want and multi-select and open, which also closes the box.

Whereas before I could just drag whichever files I wanted from the folders into the project window and the box would remain open until I close it with close, Open, or Cancel.

Apologies for my lack of clarity! :slight_smile: