import audio file with same file name but different Loction

I have a questions about if I have to import some audio files with the same file name in cubase 8.5

when i use cubase 5
I have a audio file with file name “1” already in my porject,that means already in my pool
then for some reason, I import another audio file with the same file name “1” but different location,the cubase 5 auto creat a new file named “1-01” in my project,also in my if I open the audio folder contained in the porject folder,I can see 2 audio files. that is good,beaucse the 2 files may have the same file name ,but completely different content,so then it won’t be problem.

but the same operation in cubase 8.5 will be different result
when I import an audio file with the same file name “1” from different location,cubase 8.5 will auto overwrite the existing audio file with the same name “1” already in my pool , without any Prompt,then i open the audio folder contained in the porject folder,I found there is only one audio file with file name “1”. I save the project ,and open it later,listen to the first audio file in my project I edited before, now it sounds like the audio file i import in the second time,an have the completely different waveform compare to the sound.if I have a large project ,this could be a disastrous result.

why have the different between the cubase 5 and cubse 8.5,and i think the cubase 5 is right,how can I fix it in cubase 8.5


This sounds serious, I will test it.

Do you copy the file to the project folder while import or not?

yes ,I copy the file to the project folder,I always do this,because I have to take my project between studio and my home.


1-01.wav file is created on my system (Mac OS X 10.10). Could you send me (share it via Dropbox or similar) your preferences folder via PM, please?

I believe there is an issue with C8.5 handling audio files with the same name. I have had a similar problem when importing several tracks from different audio CDs, which Mac defaults to name Audio-01 etc. C8.5 displayed the waveform of one file whilst playing back a different file.

I think this is a new problem with C8.5, I never had it occur on previous versions.


Do you have any repro? Step-by-step, always reproducible in the best case. :wink:

Sorry I have no solution for the problem, but the same issue occurs when importing a nuendo project from Nuendo 4.3 to Cubase 8.5.2. I did not really expect that this works properly at all, but fortunately it did. Every track can be played and muted and I did not miss anything, except the waveform display for three tracks of the imported project. The only track which has displayed a waveform has the name “Audio04_19”. The other tracks which do no display a waveform are named with “songname_drm-01”, “songname_rhythm”, “songname_lead-01”.
Another issue is that the original tracks were in stereo, for any reason they now are in mono. If this the only thing I have to miss this will be ok for me.
Double clicking a track without displayed waveform opens the wave editor and there the waveform is available.
This issue is reproducible.

Hi and welcome,

The official “Compatibility and interchangeability of project files” says, you should be able to import Nuendo 4 projects to Cubase 8.5. So it should work.

Could you try to run Cubase in Safe Start Mode, and load the project in this Mode, please?

Could you try to run Cubase in Safe Start Mode, and load the project in this Mode, please?

Tried this today with the same result. Still the same tracks, like described in my last post, do not display a waveform.
But I have to correct the following:
All tracks do have the right format concerning stereo and mono weather started with or without safe mode by comparison to their original formats used for the nuendo project.

Could you try to delete (or better rename or move) the Images folder from your project folder? Cubase will be forced to create all *.peak (Images of the waveform) files again from scratch.

Exited Cubase. Had a look at the folder ‘Images’. Was empty. Deleted it. Started Cubase again. Loaded imported project. Everything still the same:
Obviously three empty tracks, only the track name is shown at the beginning of each track.
One track with displayed waveform.

Normalized all tracks, assuming that waveform is computed new, but nothing happens. Had again a look at the folder ‘Images’. Folder exists again, but is still empty -> no *.peak files.
Normalized again one of the tracks without waveform to -3dB. Saved data. Checked folder ‘Images’ -> still empty.
Normalized the track with dsiplayed waveform to -3dB. Waveform is computed to smaller values. Saved data. Checked folder ‘Images’ -> still empty.


Sorry for the silly question: Are you sure, you check the right folder? I wonder, how could Nuendo know the waveform without the *.peak file.

I was rather sure until I read your question. To be really sure I searched the whole disk where cubase has been installed and the whole disk where all my nuendo and cubase projects reside. I could not found any *.peak files in a Cubase 8.5 project(there is only the one imported). The last *.peak files are from the 6th of November and are all in nuendo projects.
Hm, that’ strange. Isn’t it possible that Cubase 8.5 has problems with stereo tracks from Nuendo, cause on the only track where I can see a waveform displayed, this is a mono track. But where is that damn peak-file of this mono track ?

Made a short test:
New project.
Recorded a track.
Saved project ‘Unbekannt’.

Looked for peak-file: found it where I expected it.

On every track of the Nuendo project I can hear a delay or reverb effect. May this be a problem ?

Tested the following:

1… Started Nuendo
2… New project
3… Recorded a Mono track and a Stereo track
4… Saved project.

1… Started Cubase
2… Opend test project.
3… Imported above Nuendo project.

Got the two tracks this time with waveform display on both tracks mono and stereo.
Found a peak-File for the mono track.
Found no peak file for the stereo track.

Will make another test with effects on the tracks.

Could you share the project (and related WAV files), please?

New Test with strange results:

1… Opened test project of last post.
2… Added Reverb to mono and stereo track
3… Saved project.

1… Opened test project from last post in cubase
2… Imported above nuendo project with reverb tracks additional to previous tracks

Couldn’t believe it:
Waveforms displayed for both tracks. Found peak files for BOTH tracks in folder ‘Images’ !!!

1… Created new project in Cubase.
2… Imported above nuendo project with reverb tracks.

Couldn’t believe this too:
Waveforms displayed for both tracks. Did not find any peak files not even a folder ‘Images’ exists.

Of course I will share the project and Audiofiles. How can this be managed ? Did not find a possibility to load up files.

Please use any 3rd party sharing service, and send me the link via PM.

Follow this link to download the nuendo projects.
Hope this will help !!!
The link will be valid for two days.


I can open both projects. I can also see a waveform of both projects, same as *.peak files in the Images folders of both projects. All *.peak files were created Today at 18:31.
Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 22.53.20.png