Import audio files out of the app “Musik” (iTunes mediathek) does not work

Hello, since one week I have the app “cubasis 3” (version 3.0.2) available on my iphone 6s. I would like to import audio files (mp3) out of the app “Musik” (iTunes mediathek). When I press the button “import iTunes” it looks like that cubasis 3 is crashing down. The app “Musik” (iTunes) where I have available audio files, does not open automatically. I do expect that this app “Musik” will open automatically after I press the button “import iTunes” . But it does not open automatically. Because it does not open automatically, I opened the app “Musik” by pressing on the app-ikon “Musik”. When this app “Musik” is open, I see the full list of audio-files which I have in the iTunes mediathek. When I klick on an audio file, which I would like to import into cubasis 3 , the file do start play in the player of the app “Musik”, but the file will not be imported into cubasis 3. I hope that somebody who is reading this text can help and give advise what I have to do, step by step, in order to get imported audio files from the app “Musik” (iTunes) which content my mediathek. My iTunes version: 13.3.1 . On 3.05.2020 apple support people did download in a online session from Microsoft the necessary drivers (German “Treiber”) into my Windows 10 . But I can still not import audio files from the app “Musik” into cubasis 3. Thank you in advance for any help in this subject in order to solve my problem.


Thank you for your message.
The issue is caused by a current Apple iOS bug.

We have informed Apple about the problem, and plan to include a workaround in the next Cubasis update.

Best wishes,