Import audio files problem!


I’m on Cubase 9.5 W10.
I’m having a problem with importing audio files.
I’m receiving DP (Mac) files that I’m opening in DP W10,
creating a midi file, then opening Cubase, importing that midi file
and then the corresponding audio.
But the audio doesn’t match up with the midi !!

I’m thinking it might have to do with the Musical or linear time feature on the inspector.

Do anyone understand what the problem might be, and have maybe a solution?

Many thanks

Matching sample rates?
Where are you getting tempo from…any tempo changes?

Both sample rates are 48k. I’m importing the midi first, so the tempi are there. There’s very little in the operation manual.

Thanks for your help

So to be clear sample rate is set 48k in project setup and in the audio interface and the files are exported from DP at 48k. Any one of these mismatched could mess up sync.
Other than this is hard to say what the issue might be. You’re really the one person that can fault find this as you have the stuff in front of you.
Import midi and check the thank is correct and any to change are where you expect them to be.
If that’s ok what exactly happened with audio? Starts in the right place and drifts over time?Nothing starting in the correct place? Audio lines up with other audio or not?

As well as what Grim has already suggested, is it possible there IS Tempo information in the Audio files too?
I don’t know DP but is it possible the audio was originally recorded at a different Tempo? Do all the files start from the beginning of the song? Is there maybe some pre-start recording in the Audio files?

Thanks for your suggestions. I had the same problem last year with the previous versions of both, but don’t remember exactly what I did. All is at 48k with all audio starting at bar 1.

Thinking it has to do with the musical or time base options on audio files. Am I right in saying there’s no way to tell Cubase how to import the audio? The files are all coming in on musical base and changing that after the fact doesn’t seem to work.

Any other suggestions appreciated!

Are they coming through with the “right” BPM listed in the Cubase Pool? Just checking importing a couple of files here and some have come through with completely the wrong BPMs listed in Cubase…but in my case they’re playing at the correct (ie: original BPM rather than the quoted one).

How are you importing the Audio files? Import command? Drag and drop? Not that it should matter…

The standard track timebasebase setting can once again be set in - we all guessed it - the preferences.

Thanks, found that in the preferences. That does solve the problem, but seems there’s maybe a bug. Sometimes it switches back to musical base upon importing. Drag and drop seems to get around that.

Strange, I haven’t had that problem when importing from PT (mac to pc) to Cubase. The files all show as being at 120 bpm (which isn’t the case).

Glad you got it sorted! I almost always drag and drop and seems to work usually though do still get some weird BPMs coming through (listed wrong).