import audio from video not working after cubase pro 9.3


after installing 9.3 pro, importing audio from video stopped working. I had no problem with the exact same files with cubase pro 8 and now when i import the (same) video files there is no progress bar for the audio that is being extracted. I immediately get the “split channels” dialog popup and then there’s a tiny audio file of a few samples with no data in it. I’m lost any ideas?

Win 7 fully updated
RME multiface 2
quicktime 7.7.9
nvidia video card

You are using windows 7, not supported yet for that OS

I just updated to 9.0.30 on Windows 7, and the very same thing is happening here. Video imports fine, audio not… Is this slated to be fixed anytime soon?

Might as well answer my own question, in case anyone else was looking for an answer to this… Just saw this in

Future developments planned for future updates
•AAC Audio Extract on Win 7 is in development.

This must be joke, very bad joke!? Come on, Steinberg… why should you make such buggy and not ready for the public releases? Is there an option to revert to the previous build?

Has this issue (AAC Audio Extract on Windows 7) been fixed in 9.5?

Sorry for asking again, but does anyone know if importing audio from video in Windows 7 has been fixed in 9.5? Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me on this!!