Import Audio Issue

Thanks for any help in advance. I’m trying to import audio tracks into a Cubase 9.5.3 project template that has several folder tracks. Importing the tracks seems to work fine with tracks not contained in a folder, but when the importing process gets to a track contained in a folder, it doesn’t import to the folder track, Cubase creates a new track at the bottom of my project and imports the audio to that track. Why doesn’t Cubase allow audio import to a track contained in a folder ? Is there a preference setting that will allow this ? Thanks again for any help. Steve

Cubase 9.5.3
P.C. - Windows 7 Pro

Maybe this will help. I imported these via: File> Import> Audio File. As you can see on the attachment, track “Jay” was imported onto it’s corresponding track, but Cubase created new tracks at the bottom of the project and sent tracks HH1 thru HH9 down to the bottom of the project and imported them onto those newly created tracks. Why aren’t they importing to the next available track below “Jay” ? Is it because tracks HH1 thru HH9 are in a Folder ? Is it possible to fix this in Preferences ? Thanks for any help. Steve

Cubase Pro 9.5.3
Windows 7 Pro