Import Audio question


I have a project with samples on the external HDD. How can I import all audio to the project folder so I don’t have to connect the external drive every time?

Should be easy done but cant find such feature.


It gives you that option when you import with a checkbox that says “Copy File to Working Directory.” If you don’t see that box every time, then you may have checked the “Please don’t ask again” box. To restore it, go to preferences. Under Editing>Audio, look for the “On Import Audio Files” box. Choose the “Open Options Dialog” option.

yeah this I know. but in the situation there i have imported without check-box by mistake I don’t have this chance to do it later? That looks like a feature to implement in next Nuendo update then. Coz Ableton got such option to collect all samples in one place. Am I right?:slight_smile:


How about " Prepare Archive" in the Media Pool:

The “Prepare Archive” function verifies that every clip referenced in the project is located in the same folder, and takes actions if that is not the case: Any files that are located outside the current project folder will be copied into it.


use “Backup Project” and start with this new and complete Project folder…

Sers, Big K

Yep, what Big K says. I’ve accidentally brought SFX in from the network drive without importing properly. Archive is the only way I’ve done it. It would be nice to have a “replace edit” type of function you see in Avid Media Composer for situations like this.