Import Audio Tracks from Project (Minor Issue)

Hi! I LOVE the “Import Audio Tracks from project” implemented recently in Cubase and Nuendo. At the studio we use Nuendo to record (in the main studios) and a small workstation has Cubase Pro 8.5 to edit before send off for mixing. As such I need to consolidate many projects and I use import from project all the time.

However, though by default “Media Files: Copy To Active Project Folder” checkbox is selected (which is what I want, see screenshot), it isn’t true and I need to de-select and re-select this checkbox otherwise the media isn’t moved to my active session’s project folder (which is VERY important!)

This is just a small bug and I probably did a very bad job describing it.

Using OS X El Capitan, mac mini (late 2012)
Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 6.46.28 PM.png

This bug already cost me a 1/2 a days work and wages as it erased drum tracks in the project the imported audio tracks came from by clearing out the trash on the destination project. Very embarrasing in front of the client. I had to pay the session drummer to come back in another day and redo the track

I wouldnt call that a minor issue!! :wink:

Has this ‘issue’ been logged officially? Cant find it in the issues or bug report part of the forum