Import audio window

Can someone see if this happens to them?

Cubase Go to file\import audio. Import a file (I imported an audio file). The import audio window hides behind the project window and retains focus. If Cubase is maximized there is no way to to access the window to close it. I should say if the project window fully covers the “import audio” window it cant be accessed to close and you cant use the project window. It also doesn’t show as a window on the taskbar and so it can’t be closed from there by right clicking close on it.

What I did start doing is browsing through media bay from the rack.
File\import audio though is useless. I haven’t tried it on my other PC with 2 monitors yet so it may not be the same if you have more than one monitor.

I have Windows 7 BTW.


After importing an audio file my import audio dialog closes completely as expected and project window is fully operational.

Thanks for checking. I went back and looked. If I just click and import the dialog box closes normally. It’s when I drag an audio file from the dialog box into the project it happens. The window hasn’t been given a command to complete the action and pops into the back if it’s covered you can’t access it but it still has control.

I think I’ll just start using the mediabay from the rack I really find myself going to the rack more than I thought I would. It’s funny because I didn’t really like it at first.

Thanks for taking the time to check for me.

Confirmed…dragging a file from the browser leaves the project window totally frozen.

Thank you again. I’ll put it on the list.