Import Audio

On “import audio” the volume bar is lost in Cubase 10, as well as the function to fast forward in a sample. Really missing these two things, as I always use import audio to add samples.

And the stop button isn’t working.

I’m in the same boat! Really bummed about this, as I too use the import audio for samples almost exclusively . Please bring back the volume and scroll in the import audio!

Why not use the Media (file brouwser) for that?

In my case because the import audio “browser box” is using the windows explorer file management (like the Open Project window). With hundreds of folders wether it be for, recordings, samples, stems etc…, i need to be able quickly browse through folders and files using “Date modified” , “Date created” or “Name” or more generally navigate through my drives, folders and files like I do on Windows. I love to double click :smiley:
Also the Import Audio box is scalable.
I’ve tried the mediabay, rightzone file browser, sound browser, and it doesn’t work for me as in speed and ease to get around.

I’ve been looking at 3rd party audio file previewer/mangment type programs, but all use a similar file navigation system.

So please Steinberg, bring back the volume and and scroll! Going through 20 min recordings or stems in the import audio box is painful :slight_smile:),

Fixed in last update. :wink: