Import by stages creates unwanted overlaps

I’m importing audio tracks a few at a time (why is not the issue, please). The first import is fine but in subsequent batches, because I can’t unselect all tracks in the inspector, the first of the new import batch gets dumped onto the last track and needs unpicking.

The obvious solution would be, perhaps, to be able to deselect all tracks but I don’t think you can.

Any thoughts?

Hi Crotchety - when I do this, I highlight the track I want to import to, and put the cursor at the point in time I want the imported track to start at. So after importing the 1st one (to Track 1, for example), I would click on Track 2 before importing … Does that work for you? Maybe it’s a preference thing …

You can by
1.selecting an input bus in the mixer
or the input busses in the Project window and select it there.

The tracks don’t exist before I import so I was about to say ‘no’ but you’ve obviously created the tracks before importing so maybe I should give that a go.

Still think you ought to be able to completely deselect as you may have many tracks to do and run out of fingers and toes…

Thanks, I’ll give that a go too.