Import CD - Detect CD Track End Marks

I recently tried EAC for reading CD audio back from a number of newer inexpensive drives (Optiarc, TSS, Pioneer), and found that it could detect CD Track End Marks from all of them. I guess Wavelab can only do this from certain Plextor drives (?). I tested EAC to make sure it was not just detecting digital silence or digital black by making 2 CDs of the same program: one with CD track end marks, one with just CD track splice marks, and EAC could perfectly detect the gaps just as they were listed in the Wavelab “end mark” montage (gaps mostly about :02.00), and ignored the other (the Splice cd) as not having any gaps at all (all gaps :00.00), which is what I would expect from accurate reading.
I just wondered how it can do this, while no other program I know of can, using just any old drive.