Import CD - tracknames missing (FreeDB)

Hey all,

I looked at some other posts and didn’t see a solution. Is there a fix for getting trackname imports to fully function in WL7.x? I have a stack of CDs to rip and only 1 (the oldest ) was able to grab the tags so far.

I did read that this is supposedly fixed in WL8 somewhere but how bout us in 7x land? Frustrating part is this worked fine for me (most days) in WL3,4,5,6.


Enable - “Automatically extract CD-Text” option

I inadvertently enabled this and now it works on discs that failed previously.

Problem is not solved.

Enabling the CD-TEXT extraction puts the track names in but the Artist is in the CD-TEXT column and not written to the file.

Still looking for help/insight

What file format are you using, at the bottom of the import window? WAV, FLAC, MP3? You’re probably going to get different metadata results in each. As far as I know, in WL7 you’ll get no metadata in WAV, some in FLAC, and some in MP3. I would try them all to see whats transferred. I believe there’s also a metadata checkbox on the import options tab.

I think Wavelab 8 added metadata in WAV from rips. But if I was in Wavelab 7 and wanted quality and metadata, I think I’d probably use FLAC.

You might want to try out a demo of Wavelab 9 to see if that would work better for you.