Import CD Tracks Not Working

In WL7 I try to import CD tracks but the there are no drives listed in the devices dropdown. Switch to WL6 and everything is fine, the DVD drive appears and import is easy. Close WL6 and open WL7 and again the drive is not there. Fortunately I have WL6 and it works fine, but having 7 working as well as 6 would be good.

Are you using 7.01?


If a drive is not detected, that means the Gear ASPI driver is nor properly installed.

Here you can execute the latest driver update:


That cured it. Cheers

Hi Philippe

I am using 7.2.1 build 600 on a Mac and am experiencing the exact same issue.

The link you provided is for PC. Is there a Mac update? I couldn’t find it on their site.

Thanks and regards


There is no driver needed on the Mac. Your mistake is probably that your CD is in the driver before you open the WaveLab CD window. Have the tray empty when you open that window, and this should work.

Thanks Philippe

That was it!