Import channels with names

Hey guys… Im new to the forum…

Been using cubase all my life, and now i have a very good question for you guys.

Lets say we are recording an album, 12 songs

We start with the drums, 16 multitrack channels. You start naming each track, bass drum, snare, etc…
Once you have them all, you route the inputs for each channel. When you are done, you are now ready to start the recording process… Once you finish and open a new song, how can i load those 16 channels with names already there, cause its really annoying to type all over again( im talking only drums, but its the same problem with bass and guitars) i have made a cusom input list in f4, so the inputs are organized with the channels, so bass drum is 1, snare 2, and so on… I just cant think of a way to have the names loaded and save a lot of time typing them.

Will be great to hear some ideas!


Use a template. It will make your projects easier.

…or use track archives.

What are track archives? Intoduce me please! Thanks for answering so fast!!

I use Templates, great for when each project starts with the same basic setup.

As the name implies, it´s an archive of tracks, you can import single or all tracks from with settings, names and routings (IIRC).
You can introduce yourself, should be in the manual. It´s that book that came with the software…

I should have used template…but all drums and bass guitars are already recorded, we are now in the guitar stage, and each guitarrist uses 6 channels, soi have to create 12 channels in each project and name each channel with the microphone, etc.

I guess track archive might help… How do i use it??


You can still use your project as a template. Just be careful. Save your project, THEN delete the audio, save as a template, then DO NOT SAVE the project (i.e. revert or reload the saved project with the audio). Check the manual for details.

Ill check both out…

Thanks for solving this so quickly!!

Have a great onee