Import Clavinova voices and styles

is it possible to import voices and styles from a Yamaha Clavinova CVP701 to Cubase12?

uh not really
I have an old Clavinova CVP303.
but works on the same principle
You can import midi data in XF format (Yamaha format)
Otherwise you just have to save the sounds and/or the song in Cubase
If you want to have access to your sounds from cubase
you need the Patchnames midi file corresponding to your keyboard and/or modify an existing script
see example link

I had created mine for the CVP303
I may still have the file
You could start from this one and modify it
I will watch if you want

How to install a midi bank file
go to studio-more options and Midi Device Manager

Example CVP303 List patchname

Thanks a lot for your hints! I will start this deep dive now…