import click template

I am trying to find the better solution to include a click of 2 bars before exporting piano accompaniments for my pupils.
The idea would be to have a “template click” which I could easily include/import in the beginning of all my Dorico Projects.
How would you manage this ?

Dear Pazpatu,
I suppose you could add a percussion instrument at the start of your project (shift-B, 2 in the popover) with 8 quarter notes on the appropriate percussion instrument…
You can then delete everything but those two bars and save this as a “starting template”, i.e. you open that project each time you start something new, making sure that the masterpages, players, etc, match the usual settings, and save as your new project.

Dear Mark,
Shift-B = add solo player ? Did you add this shortcut to your key commands ? I don’t have it :slight_smile:

Sorry my bad. Add 2 bars :wink:
Do you know if I can find a general MIDI instrument already filled with all the percussion sounds ? I find “Agogo bells” or “Woodblock” alone but not the full kit…

I understand your idea but actually I would like to be able to add this track into existing projects…

Yes, I understand. There is a click function, you can set the number of bars in playback options (cmd-shift-P), but I think it works only when recording MIDI… I think it would be useful for you to be able to add such bars as an option in the export audio window.

Add a two-measure flow with just the click (not printed in the students’ layouts) at the start of each arrangement?
You can import the flow into any existing piece and just change the count-off tempo to match the rest of the piece.

Nice idea Derrek ! Don’t forget to set the time between flows to 0s.

Thank you for your ideas ! I already tried to import a flow to a project but unfortunately I loose the connection to the percussion instrument (no instrument in play mode). I don’t understand why because it work in the “click” project.
A question to MarcLarcher : where do you set the time between flows please ?
Thanks again

It’s in Playback options (cmd-shift-P)>Timing

Thank you MarkLarcher !