Import Cubase 6.5 project -> Cubase 7 = no sound

Hi all,

Weird problem: trying to import a C6.5.3 project into C.7.0.3 leads to… no sound, at all.
The meters for the stereo out IS showing activity and bounces to the signal, but no sound ever reaches the speakers.

I hasten to add the config is exactly the same between the two versions as far as VST connections and Control room are concerned.



P.S.: it does behave that way with any project whatsoever out of C6.5.3

Routing of the tracks correct?

Yes, they’re all routed to the master out. The output meter as I said is reacting normally. It’s just the sound that won’t be heard, but everything else behaves normally. No weird messages, no warning, nothing.

I’ve had a similar problem when upgrading from 5.5 to 6.5 not too long ago (yes, that was a late update and I missed the grace period by a week :// ).
It was slightly different in that it affected only audio tracks, and then also only some of them. Plus, some of the tracks were indeed playing back - but with random sounds and white-noise. It was most weird - turned everyyhing into a Nine Inch Nails track :wink:
I’m only responding to this because the symptoms seem so similar that I figure it may have a common cause. So far I wasn’t able to fix the issue.

Did you guys ever find a solution to this problem?

Experiencing same problem here.