Import Cubase to Nuendo Audio Problem

Hi Guys

Here is a curly one… I’m not sure it can be resolved. I think it will have to be sorted with an update or patch as I think this is a bug in nuendo 5.5.2…importing cubase files
Ok…Im running nuendo 5.5.2 on XP using lynx aurora 16 with AES PCIe as my interface. Works beautifully but…
Im currently remixing an older project that was previously recorded in cubase 5 that I now need to take into Nuendo. A weird thing is happening when I import the project to nuendo. I get absolutely no audio although the device settings and channel connections are all correct for lynx aurora within nuendo. So I then open another session that I know works and was built in nuendo, I make it active when I open and that works fine. So I then close that session down and the already open imported session becomes active again…and the audio now works! How WEIRD is that!!!
However when I do a “save as” nuendo file, quit nuendo and re-open the new nuendo file… the audio doesn’t work again and i have to go through the whole pain in the “A” sarga again!.. :cry:
Has anyone else had this problem?



When you’re getting no audio, are the meters showing anything?

if the meters show activity, but no sound comes out, it’s usually a basic routing issue, which can easily happen if you move a project from one platform to another. Check VST connections, audio devices, monitoring chain etc.

If no meters moving, that suggests something more basic - maybe the project hasn’t connected to media? I would expect error messages if this happened.

Thanks for the responce!
No, there is absolutely no activity on any audio meters on the first opening of the cubase to nuendo converted session. Like I mentioned previously; if I then open another session created in nuendo and close down reactivating the converted session it then comes good with all meters working. But I have to do this every time I want to work on the converted session.



When I import Cubase 5 projects I never had a problem. But sometimes, when the Cubase 5 project was made with a machine with another audio-interface then Nuendo try to switch to the driver of the audio-interface of the Cubase DAW. But when I go to the audio-driver and change it to my audio-interface it works.

The weird thing is all the interface device settings, connections etc (lynx aurora 16 with AES in my case) appear correct. Even when I reset as well as re-switch back to the same lynx aurora driver, the audio still doesn’t work. It"s only when I simultaneously open, activate and then close it down another working nuendo session does the problem session start to work once it reactivates. Its like the other session has some how kick started the audio. Very strange. Im just wondering whether its just a steinberg and lynx driver compatibility issue.

I’ve seen this a few times. Have you tried exporting a track archive and then importing the track archive into a new Nuendo session?

I occasionally get this problem bringing C6 projects into N5.
It is usually (and this may only be true for me) caused by my output buss & CR configuration being different to the project I am importing, so the simple fix is this:
Open up VST Connections, and load a saved config for both outputs & Control Room.
Then the audio will work again.

I have created a bunch of presets in my setup here, where I have options for Stereo only, 5.1 & Stereo etc.
This is in both Outputs & CR sections.
Whenever audio does not work, load the correct config for the project - and it will work again every time.

Hi Guys

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve tried everything including creating presets in the device connections i/o’s from working sessions then applying to the imported sessions. Unfortunately this doesn’t work either. So for speed I have built an empty session as long as I open this up first when going into Nuendo, then close down the empty session and then open the problem sessions then no problem. You would think when I save the sessions then they would then work when going into Nuendo at a later time…but no it reverts back to no audio…so quite weird.
PS: I have never had this problem before… only on this one project that was originally created in C5.