Import Cubasis Project into Cubase, missing HALion Sonic 7 (SE3) sounds, Instrument slot empty

Hi Lars and all,

I notice that Retrologue instrument imports ok from the Cubasis Micrologue instrument but tracks with Microsonic do not import into Cubase (as HALion patches) the instrument slot in Cubase is empty.

I installed the latest CUBASIS PROJECT IMPORTER 3.0

Cubase 12.0.60
MacBook Pro 15" 2014 Intel
Big Sur 11.7.6

Cubasis 3.5.1
iPAD 6 9.7" 2017 (thereabouts)
iOS 16.4.1 (a)

Is this caused by installing HALion 7 (free version) which replaced the HALion SE 3 instrument.

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Rgds, David

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