Import Cubasis3 - Insert Effects files not working in Cubase?

Hi, I have just imported a Cubasis3 file into Cubase 12, some of the effects it has chosen are not the same, which is understandable, but their settings have not come across and gone into similar effects.

  1. Will Cubasis insert file effects transfer to Cubase
  2. It looks like some files have tried to initiate Cubase conversion, is their a list of compatible fx file?
  3. Does Cubasis fx Reverb transfer to Cubase 12 Reverb samples, in any form!
  4. Is freezing in Cubasis the only way to get a perfect sound transfer?
  5. Why is it not possible for Cubasis media samples to be used again in Cubase 12
  6. the slap base fx/sample is better in Cubasis3 than any Cubase 12 slap base fx, (in my opinion) so why can’t I transfer the sample from Cubasis to Cubas 12

So to get the same sound, the frozen Cubasis file is now audio instead of MIDI, and if I want to add more notes to the track I will have to go back to Cubasis 3 and re-edit the MIDI file and go through the whole process again. Unless I’m not looking properly.? If there is no answer to this,

Similar issue with Cubasis 3 Micrologue, supposidly the same as Retrologue, an fx in Cubasis 3 has not transferred to Retrologue, and I am having to try and match it up, that can’t be right!

Maybe I haven’t loaded up the Cubase files that contain the Cubasis effects, can you tell me what the problem is.
I chose the Share option and it immediately began zipping it all up into a file, which I transferred to Cubase 12 via ITunes.

Regards Dave