Import data (music cues) from other project

Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help with suggestions as I’m new to Cubase, just wondering when moving music cues from different Cubase projects, do you simply open two projects and drag from one to the other or is there some sort of import system?

The way I do currently merge in logic is open a song , then select tracks in an import window then add them, this creates doubles on lots of instruments. I then have to drag the midi information and sort the tracks manually. It’s slow!

In Logic , I also have to take care when using tempo maps, if there any tempo changes before recorded data on the timeline I locked the region first, so things doesn’t move out of sync with picture.

Any advice would be really appreciated, I can work out how to do it coming from logic and ProTools , but if Cubase has got a really cool way or any new tricks that would be really helpful

Try using File>Import>Tracks From Project…

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Thank you !:slight_smile: