Import does not recognise Piano Bass + treble clef

Using XML or MIDI import Dorico 3 is treating track 0 as Piano 1 and Track 1 as Piano 2 even though the second track is simply the Bass Clef of the Grand Staff.
Is this something that is fixed with merge in Dorico 3 Elements.
I am using Dorico SE 3 (Love it) but because there is a drum beat track on the import this is counting as a third instrument so cannot be edited.
I do not want to pay for Elements if it is not going to fix the issue happy to do so if it does.

Welcome to the forum, argopete. There’s no difference between how Dorico SE and Dorico Elements imports MIDI files. It should be fine for the two hands of the piano to use different tracks, but where possible you should arrange it such that they use the same MIDI channel if possible. Then Dorico should hopefully work out that they are the same instrument. Let me know if you find this not to be the case and we’ll put our thinking caps on again.