import drums from GM - notes missing

Hey there
when importing GM Drums from a MIDI File (exported with Cubase 9) my imported drum kit part is missing the ride cymbal notes. Any ideas?
It’s not MIDI Format 0. And when I leave the whole GM Options unchecked the notes are getting imported properly.
Thank you

Welcome to the forum, audiokrat. At present Dorico doesn’t have a step during MIDI import to create new mappings in the drum kit when importing General MIDI percussion, so only those notes that map onto instruments that already exist in the kit definition will be imported. This is something that we plan to improve in future.

Hello Daniel and thanks for good work on managing this forum! I have encountered the same problem - when importing MIDI file with a standard GM drumkit on channel 10, the resulting part is missing the ride cymbal (note 51, C#3), high tom (50, D3), low tom (45, A2), and possibly some others. All these notes are clearly defined both in the GM Drumset specification and in Dorico’s standard GM Drum map.
What is the recommended way to circumvent this problem, or what measures should be undertaken to restore the missing notes in the imported part? I’ve already tried importing the part as a pitched instrument, then filtering, copying and pasting the missing pitches on the imporded drum part, but they just don’t show.
I’m attaching the original MIDI and the screenshots of the imported part in MuseScore and Dorico.
Thank you. (3.05 KB)

Well, I’ve performed a quick test: first, I’ve made a drum part in Dorico using the default GM drumset. Then I exported the MIDI from Dorico and imported the resulting file into the same project. It seems a rather nasty bug is present: as you can see, not only Tom-Tom 1 and Ride Cymbal 1 have disappeared completely, but the Tom-Tom 2 has been transposed to Tom-tom 1. It surely doesn’t seem right, does it?

Untitled Project 1 - Full score - Flow (454 Bytes)

Welcome to the forum, zemuro, and I’m sorry to have taken a week to come back to you. There’s no remedy for this problem at the moment; the situation is still as I described it in my post of February of last year. We do plan to add the necessary infrastructure to make it possible to create additional instruments in the drum kit for notes that are present in the MIDI file but which do not have corresponding instruments in the kit, but this has not yet been done.