Import Dual Mono & Pro Tools regions?

2 Questions here, related to the same workflow:

  1. Is it really as hard as it describes in the Help to import dual mono files? I can’t just pick them, I have to create a naming convention, even for a 1-time import? This is super-clunky for what I need to do, and it is not feasible to re-name the files at this point.

  2. Can WL read the clip/region definitions in the header of a Wave or AIFF the way Pro Tools exports them? So, if I export definitions in the clips list and open the parent file in WL, the regions will appear? I tried it briefly and it didn’t work.


I usually just right-click in a STEREO Montage track, select “insert files”, select the dual-mono files (or multiple dual mono files) and click ok. I think Wavelab automatically recognizes most dual-mono channel naming conventions (.L, -L, etc.). It works very quickly and easily for me (even with a folder full of dual-mono files) without needing to deal with naming.

For the Pro Tools regions, I think you’d need to use a third party utility called Region Synch.

WaveLab comes with a default naming convention for dual mono files, that covers many cases.
If your naming convention does not fall in that scope, then yes you have to tell WaveLab.