Import/Export files not really working

I’m using MacOS Somoa on intel and silicon and VST-Live
My workflow is up to 99% making the songs, control-tracks etc. in Cubas 13/12.
But i cannot found any way export from Cubase to VST-Live in a repeatable procedure. Doing it for the first time it works.
After export the song again the tracks are totaly replaced and had to be reconfigured or empty.
Song Channel export in VL is not working too. Audiofiles are not exported. Reimport makes empty tracks.
If i imported it from Cubase as a new song the tracks are there but i had to reconfigure it - e.g. mixerrouting.
But the real pain in the ass is: If i had do reimport a corrected song and want to copy the lyrics-track from first import to the new song. There is no way and the whole lyrics had to be written again. And this procedure is really not comfortabel.

The only way to use VST-Live is to make every project from the scatch in VST.
Or i am doing something wrong.

Any helpful answeres or ideas are welcome.

Hi, @fko56,

Okay. Then you are exporting your Cubase Project with the function “Cubase / Menu / VST Live / Export MediaProject…”. The Media Project which will then be saved to a Folder_A. And I guess you will then import this Media Project to VST Live with the function “VST Live / File / Import Media Project…”

… you lost me here now. The workflow function “Cubase / Menu / VST Live / Export MediaProject…” → “VST Live / File / Import Media Project…” is a one way only. You cannot export your Cubase project again and “merge” it to a VST Live project. Is that what you are expecting?

… hold on. That’s one workflow. But it’s not working for you, right? You would select the Lyrics-Track of the first project, copy it, go back to your new project and paste it. And that’s not working? I see a bug that the context-menu for the lyrics track is not showing. We’ll fix that. But a workaround is to select the lyrics-track and click to the copy button

Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 20.16.40

Now go back to new project and hit the Paste button. That should work.

Do I miss something?

See you,


I see that there is only one way to ex-/import the song. The way i am looking for is to bring the song to the (in Cubase corrected) updated version in one single task as possible.
If i had audio-tracks i export it via mixdown and copy the tracks to the vst-live tracks.
Midi-tracks i can export (track by track and rename it) then copy it to vst-live. Doesn’t work with chord-tracks.
It’s a lot of long-winded action if there are more tracks to update.
The (for me) best way to be is to export all used files to a (special) folder and VL uses the updated files (or import it to the correct position). Without messing arround with different export/import-tasks.

With song export (from vst-live) i tried to “save” my chord and lyrics track. Hopefully to reimport it after generating the song new. But all i got are empty tracks. Fill in and positioning the lyrics is not my biggest joy (-.

Long story short: I am looking for a way to hold the VL-Tracks updated. I am using a lot of songs for different bands so i prefere to have one start point (Cubase). I want to prevent to have multiple versions from a song on different folders.
For live sessions i am using ableton live now. But the VL-concept looks more usable for the “invisible” band requierements. Except the file management. I hope (and i see) the things are going better over the time. So i can change my workflow from ableton to VL.

In this context i found some uncomfortable issues.
Copy audio files to a VL-Track cannot be set to the top left starting position. I have to copy it a little bit to the right and reposition it. Set to the top left point will not place the file in the track.

After all tracks copied and ready to repositioning all processed tracks are selected. A single track had to be selected extra to unselect the other tracks.

Moving the tracks to the left (for a little more time to start) did not work with chords or lyrics track.

The endless long numbers in tracknames (midi, marker ects) are confusing too. It will be very nice to have “talking” names.