Import extra textfonts

Hello I imported extra text fonts (Reprise and Nepomuk) on my iPad (via iFont), Installing was via System Preferences.
Unfortunate, I can’t see them in the list with fonts in Dorico (on the iPad). Anybody a tip for me?

Unfortunately, Dorico doesn’t support third-party fonts on the iPad yet.


That’s a shame, can I post this as a request somewhere?

It has already been requested; but it’s out of the team’s hands, as they rely on other software that helps them write code for iPad, macOS and Windows together.


Also, aside from any limitations in Qt, it’s actually iOS that currently doesn’t allow 3rd party fonts to be used this way.

in which way? You can load third-party fonts, and they do work in Swift/CoreText apps.

I guess once again I got the detail wrong; sorry.

If, by chance, you installed the fonts while Dorico was open, did you try closing Dorico for iPad and re-opening it?

NOTE: When getting Dorico for iPad to recognize USB devices that it didn’t presently see, closing the Dorico app from the 3 dot multitasking drop-down menu, top center of the screen, has worked as good for me as opening the Task Manager and dragging the app off of that screen. Of course, a device restart is always a sure way everything is loaded fresh into memory, including the OS and all system parameters.

USB devices and fonts aren’t the same thing. Dorico doesn’t support third-party fonts on iOS.