Import Finale v27 score with layers into Cubase

Hi All
Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to import a Mac Finale v27 score with Layers into Mac Cubase 10.5 ? (I am using MAC OS 10-15 Catalina)
Any responses or suggestions would be much appreciated.


If Finale can export MusicXML file, you can import it to Cubase.

You can download Cubase 13 Trial and test it with your own files.

Thank you for your response, Martin
I’m not a fan of MusicXMF
Can ir be done with Midi ?
Thank you very much for your assistance, Martin
Dave W


Yes, Cubase can import MIDI. But for the scoring transfer is MusicXML better in general, as it contains much more scoring details.

But you can try both and choose the one, which fits better to you.

Thank you again for your informative answers, Martin :smile:
I’ll try Midi , and if it doesn’t work for me, I’ll try MusicXMKL

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