“Import flows” affects existing work?

I’ve done a great deal of manual adjustment to the first of five movements of a piece that is being delivered to me one movement at a time. I’d like to add the new movements to my existing project via Insert—Flows.

I think I remember someone saying recently that they were experiencing some loss of layout work with a function like this. Is that the case? I’ve done a ton of work and don’t want to risk losing it (I suppose Undo could bail me out if needed).

Try it out for yourself, but also try copying and pasting all (e.g. with the system track) from the source file to a new flow in the destination file.

Off the top of my head, the latter can carry across more information than the former, as long as the internal layout IDs are the same (which they likely will be if the files originated from the same saved template file but likely won’t be if the files originated from blank).

There are probably also intricacies with regard to tweaks that have been made locally vs globally, as if you’re only copying local information over then there’s nowhere to propagate from.

Tldr: this is context-dependent. Try both ways for yourself.

Thanks, I’m thinking I’ll probably

  1. Duplicate the flow
  2. Delete everything in it
  3. Copy-paste from the other project

That seems like the safest course at present. I’d also rather not have to go through it with a fine-tooth comb looking for differences!

This may a bit old(er) school idea, but if the work is being delivered serially, and you work on each movement as they arrive, then the possibility of unwanted changes seem inevitable. Try Leo’s approach first - can’t argue with him. But, perhaps keep the movements as separate files, then combine them as pdfs - or does your submitter want them back as Dorico files? I would imagine that each movement would start on its own page, so collating as a pdf should be easy.
Again, old school…