Import Formatted Text?

Is it possible, now or in the foreseeable future, to be able to import pre-formatted text? I prepare a weekly liturgy for my church–including hymns, service music, and a substantial amount of text. That includes, typically, 4 pages of scripture (standard lectionary readings, plus the text for the pastor’s sermon–see attached PDF [in ZIP file]). Every single one of the verses in the scripture readings has to be selected and superscripted (I am fond friends with the text formatting popup).

My sense of the program architecture is that, at present, you assume that all text is typed in (or pasted from the clipboard). Is there any way to format text before pasting it in, so that all of those verse numbers could be superscripted automatically?

Here’s what I’m thinking: When creating next week’s liturgy, I go to the Revised Common Lectionary web site (https:/ and determine the readings for the week. I then go to the ESV web site ( and look up the text. I can select the text I want, copy it, and paste it into a text editor.

I’m a software architect by trade, so I have a pretty useful text editor with significant macro capabilities. Each verse number is delimited by square brackets, like this:

[5] But I have trusted in your steadfast love;

If Dorico’s text engine recognized some formatting convention, like


I could whip up a little macro, and save myself a few minutes of tedium each week.

I appreciate that my specific application isn’t going to drive a lot of sales, but the ability to copy formatted text from one page and move it to another is extremely valuable. (It’s a nuisance when I have to shift pages around.) If text formatting could be embedded, then being able to copy and paste formatted text from one text frame to another would be easy.

Pretty please?
Embed Superscript Formatting (1.41 MB)

At the moment, no, there’s no way of pasting formatted text, but it is something we would like to handle in the future.

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Unicode has superscripted digits that don’t require a superscripted style, only a font that contains the corresponding glyphs. Superscripted 1, 2 and 3 have codes U+00B9, U+00B2, and U+00B3, respectively (in the Latin-1 Supplement range).
Superscripted 0 and 4…9 are at codes U+2070 and U+2074…2079. Many fonts won’t have them, though. You can enter these characters with a Unicode hex input utility or from a character palette.