Import from cubase improvement


On cubase 12, I used the feature “export project” to export a tempo track as well as an audio track.
In VST Live, I use the import song project (tracks only) feature :


1- The tempo track has been configured as below in cubase :

Once imported in VST Live, there is no the feature Min/Max so that we can’t see clearly the change of tempo :

2- The tempo track has also Signature changes in cubase.


Once imported in VST Live, Signature does not follow.

3- The audio track has “deactivated effects” in cubase :


Once imported in VST Live, the effects are activated. They should follow the same configuration than cubase, no ?


4- Once imported in VST Live, the fader of the track is +5db each time.

Hi @magicguigui,

can you please give me your Cubase (cpr) file? I do not need the media.

Thank you,

Here it is :
gopinatha sauvegarde.cpr (1.4 MB)

I cancel the request for point number 2 (2- The tempo track has also Signature changes in cubase.). I found the solution : Just need to create a signature track in cubase.

But still issue with point 1, 3, 4

Still the issue with last version.

1- Tempo track display (see first post)
2- Effect in Inserts are activated whereas in Cubase, it was deactivated.
3- Once imported in VST Live, Fader is at maximum instead of being at 0
4- If track exported with no out bus

in VST Live, track will have PAN=Full left

Hi @magicguigui

… you really need that visual control for a live software?

… please re-try with the next version. We improved the signature and tempo import, too.

… fixed. Next version.

… I could not find a “basse 1 (D)” track in your project?

… I even can not find a “Basse Dry” folder. Can you please check it?

… I could not reproduce it with a Cubase MIDI Track. Maybe you have another cpr file for me?

Thank you,

Not mandatory but it is an added value.

Try with this one.
In Cubase, the track must be a MONO track, and without OUT selected.

changetempo.cpr (323.0 KB)

Still issue 3, 4 in last version

Same prob here