Import from Finale Mess- Any tips ?

Are there any specific tips on how best to import a multi-staff score from Finale into
Cubase in order to get a decent playable multi-track rendition in Cubase 8 ?

I’ve tried the reverse (exporting from Cubase to Finale) and generally its a mess and I
end up re-inputting much in Finale.

But this is the first time I’m going to try Finale -> Cubase.

I know quantization helps for example. But where and what do you quantize ? Note
beginnings, note ends, do it in Finale or Cubase or both ?

And what else to make the import from Finale useful in Cubase. I’ve been told for
example to export MIDI file from Finale and NOT XML.

Any other tips ?

Thanks, Bob

I have had good luck importing Finale MusicXML to Cubase. There are a couple of issues- some kinds of text, mainly page text is wrong, if I remember correctly, and there is an issue regarding alternate bass notes in chords. Sorry for being vague, it’s been a while since I checked on this.

If you want the music, and don’t care about the graphics, use a midi file.

Quantize the start times in Finale. In Cubase Score Settings> Staff set things up like this:

Hope this get’s you going, post back if you need more tips.