Import From H3?


I never upgraded from H3 to H4 because the import of multi-channel FXBs and FXPs from H3 did not work properly. I had (have) a ton of expensive libs from H3 (Scarbee, SampleTekk, etc.)

Can someone tell me if the import has been corrected/improved?



bump. Is there a demo yet?

I just loaded the 5 hsb files and they work. There are some differences in patches, but its been minor stuff due to architecture changes. For me they are simple to fix. But, I didn’t have a huge dependency on those libraries in my projects. YMMV

Yeah, the HSBs were never an issue. Specifically, one issue was that with H4…

If you loaded an FXP or FXB which had samples assigned to multiple outs (a GREAT feature BTW), all the samples would play in a single stereo channel. IOW: H4 did not properly import output channels. Had the same issue with various MegaTrigg rules which guys like Scarbee and Worra used -extensively-.

That right there made me throw in the towel… if you don’t have enough respect for your architecture to properly import YOUR OWN format? Oy.

Shame. Loved Hal but for that.

Anyone else?


works well for me, but I can’t speak for one-of-a-kind sample sets. I’m afraid if you can’t get updated versions of your samples you will have to either
a) live with it and move on
b) obtain updates if available.

I can’t speak per the exact issue you may be having but if it is not working now, I would not hold breath for update and just fix the patches yourself and resave. It doesn’t sound like it’s a import issue but a issue because of a 3rd party sampled instrument. I would contact those guys first.

Scarbee does forsure have updates for his instruments.

As far as importing in general, I find Halion import to be only minimally accurate from experience.

If you can, try using Translator latest version to convert to H3 format then import in Halion that way. Those guys update the algo’s quite often to stay current.