Import From Other Apps?


Just went through another messy experience trying to bring in audio from a video editing system…sigh. I know there are ‘stanards’ out there … OMF, AAF,XML … but the generic versions in Nuendo often just don’t deal with variations introduced in other apps.

So I’d like Steinberg to consider adding optimized import support ( or a standalone app even) to deal with exports/projects from each of the majpr Video edit platforms out there. So we’d have import options like

Import FCP X xml/project
Import FCP 7 xml/project/OMF

Imporrt PremierePro (whatever it exports)
Import Avid OMF/XML
Import Vegas (whatever)

Perhaps even projects from Media 100, Lightwave, iMOvie? :wink:

Surely some of the extra money charged for Nuendo could go towards making a version the just imports everything so we can get down to work fast. If the tools were aggressively tested and updated It would set Nuendo apart from everything else. I can’t believe it would actually be that hard … especially if the devs were dealing with small variations in standard protocols.

Perhaps the tools could also include projects/exports from Logic/PT/DP/Sonar/Reaper ?

I’d pay anything. for my customers to have an apparently flawless import and then we get on with the job!



Unfortunately that would take testing resources away from their iPhone apps :laughing:

i think the phrase ‘flawless import’ shows a charming naivety.

it’s just not possible to open a project from one app (pt for example) in nuendo. there are too many app-specific functions for it to work.

using pro convert or the excellent aatranslator can get you close. the rest is up to you.

Thanks for that … and your amazing insight. After more than 30 years at this, I am actually offended.

I guess the term “flawless” confused you. I’m not expecting, or wanting, anything other than audio files with handles laid out on tracks in sync with a Video. Of course I’m not asking for app specific translation (plug ins, eq’s etc) and I can’t believe anyone in this forum would either.

The very fact that there are 3rd party translators, and even generic standards means that my goal is doable. And if it’s under the control of Nuendo developers then the quirks that do crop up can be compensated for ( or ignored) with a result that is Nuendo friendly.

It would be worth more to me than another compressor plug in or loop browser. :wink:


You need AA Translator, my friend.
SSL ProConvert used to be the best, but there have been no updates in so long now it feels like dead software.
AA Translator just got it’s 5.3 update though.
See for details, and believe me with a bit of planning & correspondence with your clients, it can do just about anything to anything else - there is a conversion guide available to look at as well.

Invaluable tool.