Import .fxb file to Halion 4. Not possible to search?


I’m sure this question was asked already, but searching for import or Halion 3 or fxb finds no results.

I have imported a few .fxb files. But I cannot find them in the Halion 4 media bay. I tried to import the fxb files again, but Halion 4 says, they are already imported. So, where can I find the sounds now? Filtering for User Content doesn’t help either. The list stays empty then.

there should be a header called Halion 3 Content in the library list no?

Do you mean the original Halion 3 content? It’s something I did a long time ago, but not the factory content.

What do you mean exactly by library list? There is the Media Bay, the Browser and the program list. Where do I find it?

What I do is this. I drag and drop FXP from my hard disk into the mediabay tab. It will say converting with a shown progress bar. After the conversion is complete, which is a mere few seconds, the top left hand corner of the Mediabay will have a library list drop down menu. I click here and select the Halion 3 Content menu listing which will show me my newly converted VST presets made from the older Halion FXP presets.

Ok, I found the menu, but when I switch to Halion 3 content the list is empty. When I drag the fxb on the media bay again, I get the message that it is already there and if I’d like to overwrite it.

Very strange, this has never happened to me. You can try two things. Overwrite it and see if it then shows up in the list. If not, get the exact name of the preset and type it into the search field in the Halion 4 mediabay and it should list its location once said preset has been found. Make note of where your presets are being stored when it should be in the Halion 3 content menu, but isn’t.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.