Import grain Sample preset Halion 5

in Padshop I can import some sample from this arrow but in H5 I can t .I m missing something ?
Thanks !

You can import your own samples from program tree.
Right click grane zone->import/export->Replace Sample …

I haven’t found way to change to those samples witch come in halion padshop vst set

You can drag and drop samples in as well.

yep just drag them in , it’s all groovy on the gravy train :wink:

Yes it seems work when you drag also, even it shows in browser that you cannot add it will change the sample.
I quess it should show green + sign when you drag from vst content file …

Thank you guys I was not sure if it was a glitch in my OS or other users had the same issue.
BTW after watching the introduction tutorial of B-Box the same arrow is used to save an existing pattern so it looks that no sub preset will be loaded there.
Since we have installed some sample presets in Padshop it would be nice to access them from this location.
Still confused with the amazing H5 capability…