Import graphics

I want to make a scale worksheet for my students. Below each note, I would like to enter a blank fingering chart so they can fill in the correct answer. (for ex. below the trumpet notes, they would have 3 circles so they could fill in the correct fingering)
I have fingering charts for different instruments saved as .jpg or .png.

I see how to insert a graphics frame, but is there a way to copy/paste to each note, instead of drawing a graphics box for each one?

Is this possible? Suggestions?

Unfortunately there’s no good way of copying and pasting frames in Dorico 1.0.30. You will be able to do it slightly more easily in Dorico 1.1. We know that it would really be very useful to be able to copy and paste frames directly, and that’s what we are ultimately working towards.

Perhaps a workaround (in Dorico 1.1) would be to create the fingering blanks/chart as a single, one-line graphic and then use the anticipated horizontal note-positioning module to match the notes to the diagram on each line/staff.

Thank you Daniel and Derrek, I’ll give it a try. :slight_smile: