Import Halion 3 HSB file error


I’m trying to import a user generated Halion 3 HSB file into Halion 6 but I always get the following error:

“Content file(s) not supported and cannot be registered”

Here’s what I do:

  1. In Cubase 5/Halion 3.1 I right click on a grey area and select Archive > Create HSB file (something like that)
  2. In Cubase 9 Elements/Halion 6.1, in the Media bay I select Import > Register HSB/VST Sound files

I’ve also tried various kinds of ways of importing fxp and fxp files. fxp files fail silently and fxb files say something about a chunk error.

Though they are my own generated instruments, I’ve also applied for the Halion 5 license in case I need that to import any Halion 3 content.