Import issues

Dear Dorico Users,

I try to import midifiles from Cubase 9,5 to Dorico elements. But I cannot find a way to make it work. This is what I do.

I create a new song in Cubase, including one miditrack each for drums, bass and piano. If I import it as midi-files in Dorico, each one appears as a individual player with no instrument. I open the player and connect each file with relevant instrument from Halion Sonic SE. But when trying to play, they do not play simutaniusly. I can only play each instrument at a time and when I go to Write-page or print-page in Dorico, it shows each instrument after another in the page. Playing that means I fist play the drums, then the bass etc.

I do not know how to show one line for drums, line two bas, line 3 piano on each page. To make that possible, I have to write all the instruments by hand once again in Dorico. Thus all the work that I have been done in Cubase are spoiled. Since I have about 30 songs in Cubase that I whant to document in Dorico, this is no way to solve the problem. What am I doing wrong, or is this not possible to do in Dorico?

Is this problem specific for Dorico Elements or is it the same in Dorico pro?

My hope is that it is me doing things the wrong way.

If I try to first add each player, drummer, bass and piano, in Dorico and then import the midifiles, I cannot get them conected to the individual players. They are created as new individual player anyway, and starts a new empty score each. If I connect the imported files by hand, they show up as page 2 on each player.

When I try to export XML (instead of midi) from Cubase 9,5, Dorico will not accept the XML as valid fileformat.

Can anyone explain to me what I do wrong and how to make it right?

Are you trying to Open the XML file or (better) Import it?
Not sure about Elements, but most folks seem to have better luck importing XML than importing MIDI.

I am importing the file.

Can you attach the midi file here (it can be just a small one that shows the problem)

Dear Paul,

I cannot attach midi-files on this forum, but I’ll send on your private mail instead.


even your private message alternative on this forum do not accept attatched files other than image-files. Is there any other way I can send you the files you asked for?

Yes, you can mail me at p dot walmsley at steinberg dot de

I sent you the-midi file as well as the XLM-file. Thanks for trying to help me.

I have had a look at these files. Firstly, the xml file you sent wasn’t MusicXML. I don’t know which format you’ve exported it in. Try choosing File / Export / MusicXML.

The MIDI file only contains one instrument (bass), so Dorico is importing it as just a single bass instrument. Do you have a MIDI file containing all the tracks you want to import?

The exportversion of XML you’ve got from me is the only alternative Cubase Pro 9,5 gives when exporting files, so obvieusly there is no way for me to directly export XML midiversions from Cubase pro 9,5 to Dorico if dorico cannot import it. Am I right or is there something I missed out?

I will send you a version of all the tracks I want to import. I’ll send them on the same adress as you gave me earlier. Thanks for trying to solve this problem.

Janne, you should be able to export MusicXML if you have the score editor window open.

Daniel, thanks a lot. This solves the issue. Now I can import files and they are displayed in a correct way in writing as well as in print. A strange thing is that all the importen files are analysed as flute by Dorico, but that is something I need to struggle with and solve my self instead of engaging this magnificient forum whit. Thanks a lot Derek, Paul and Daniel for all the engagement, your time and the valuble help.

You can easily change the instrument in Dorico after import: see here.

Janne has sent me one of these files and the problem seems to be that it’s a type-0 MIDI file, which is a form of MIDI file that doesn’t have any labels for each track. Also it doesn’t have any program changes, so effectively Dorico just sees this:

... (x1000)

So if you are exporting a MIDI file in order to import into Dorico, it’s worth ensuring that the ‘Export as Type 0’ box isn’t checked. Also you’ll get better results if the track names match instruments (eg ‘Piano’ rather than ‘Pno crds 2’). If the file has GM program changes in it then there’s the option on import for Dorico to use these.