Import KC presets/prefs from Elements 8 to Pro 9

Hi. I have downloaded the Trial Pro 9, and have Elements 8 already installed. Am on Mac OSX.

The KC presets I had created in Elements 8 are not visible in the Pro 9, and I cannot find any .xml or other KC preset file in Library/Application Suupport/Steinberg or anywhere else.

The Import preset of course does not work on Mac.

Can anyone help me please - 25 days of trial remaining and have not yet got off the ground!


This earlier answer to the same question suggests it might be hidden…

I’m not on Mac so can’t help further than that. If you’re lucky Martin might chime in later if this isn’t the answer…

In addition…
The link below lists the user preference files and what they contain.

Also… not sure if this applies to a mac but, on a PC, a start menu folder entry named “User Settings Data Folder” is installed in the “Steinberg” folder. So it is just a matter of clicking on that link, find the one you want, and copy/paste to the new version. You are probably looking for the one named “Key Commands”.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thank you both! I did indeed find the KC preset .xml file for Cubase Elements in the Cubase Elements folder in Preferences!

I duplicated the .xml file, moved it to Desktop to remove the word “copy” from the file-name, and put it in the Cubase 9 Preferences folder.

And it worked - I now have the old KCs in operation.

Thanks again,