Import library settings for only one layout

Can I import a library to affect only one layout?

I have two full score layouts, one needing to be formatted for iPad reading, with different notation and layout options. I figured out the settings in a separate Dorico file, but I need to import all of them into my iPad layout.

Yes you should be able to use the Library Manager to transfer Layout Options to a selected layout only (when you select Layout Options in the left, layout selectors appear in the two sides)

Thanks. Can I transfer Notation Options to a selected layout?

Notation Options are set on a per-flow basis.

I see. So if I need different Notation options in my iPad score, it would need to remain in a separate Dorico file?

Or as an alternative flow in the same project, and you only show one flow or the other in your two layouts.

Perhaps you could expand a bit more on what you would need to be different between them?

I want to change margins, tie settings, space size, note spacing, etc. Various stuff from Layout, Engraving, and Notation options. I tinkered with it in a separate document and was hoping to be able to import all of that in one go. It would be nice to easily do that (especially if there are changes down the road that would need to be made to both score versions), but not the end of the world if I need to keep two separate files.

I see – as you’ve discovered, things like note grouping in Notation Options can’t be set differently for the same flow in different layouts.

  • Engraving Options affects the entire project
  • Layout Options affects selected layouts
  • Notation Options affects selected flows

If you keep the two versions as 2 flows in 1 project, that might mean less faffing around with file management if you do need to differentiate them.

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