Import Loops

Hi, i was messing around with the desktop trial version of Cubase and I was wondering, if i purchase Cubase Elements, will I be able to export some of the stock drum and instrument loops into Cubasis app? Since their is currently no sampler, I figure i can use some of the many loops in the desktop version and import them into the media bay of Cubasis…anyone tried this yet? Thanks!


yes, you can import the loops as audio (e.g., wav) into Cubasis using iTunes File Sharing or the WiFi-Server.

If you have any further questions about this, let me know.

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I have downloaded a bunch of free loops from the web and have them on my PC but no other recording software. I have been adjusting loop tempos with Audacity since I don’t think you can do it on Cubasis (correct me if wrong) and importing what I need via WiFi to the media library. Very cool.