import marker markertrack

Is it possible to import a markertrack?

im looking for a solution for the following workflow:

i ve recorded a jamsession. later -usually mobile in the bus or train- i do minig on this track. means i listen to it and set markers of good parts. at the moment i do this with a sheet and a pencil :wink:.
then i load the whole audiofile to cubese and set the markers. then i separate the pieces to rearrange them.

Lets say i would have an external app which can set cycle-markers to an audiofile.
will it be possible to import such a markertrack? i can imagine its not more then a xml-file?!

or is there a solution i didnt saw yet?

an other program which is able of this workflow would be accepted also :wink:


dislo: IMO – What I would do is use the SPLIT TOOL from the Tool bar above to cut them out
then cut and paste those pieces else where. :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Yes. The proper place to do this is the audio part editor. Select your takes; right click; Audio>Events to Part. Double click. :slight_smile:


thanks for your answers.

but how to separate the parts in cubase is not the thing i want to know. i think there are lot of ways.

imagine, you have a very long track , 1 stereo track, and want to have only the good parts of it.
its annoying to go through this long track.
so im looking for a solution to make markers on this track with a mobile device.
and later in cubase i could quickly step to these markers and copy and paste these parts to whereever i want to.

(kind of time management - get use of time i spent in busses, trains, waitingrooms…)