Import markers into current flow


I’m trying to import markers from one flow into another.

I have a flow set up. I’ve imported markers from a midi file which end up in new second flow - as expected.
I select all from the system track of the second flow, copied into a blank player in the original flow. Tempo and note info come over but not the markers.

What am I missing, or is this not possible?


I haven’t used markers before… I just tested it out, and I don’t seem to be able to create more than one marker, or control where the marker gets created.

Anyway, assuming that it’s this thing, I was able to select the marker by doing a “select all” followed by Filter->Markers to cut and paste it. I hope that helps.

Thanks for the suggestion. I can’t get it to work. There’s the marker lane in the Play window, the Video/marker area in the Write window and I can’t seem to copy any of them. I can select the all in the write window, filter and copy the markers but they won’t paste anywhere.

Still trying.

Try using the system track to select all of the music in the flow, then do Edit > Filter > Markers, then copy, then paste in your new flow.

The other option is to do File > Export > Tempo Track to export the data from one flow, and then use File > Import > Tempo Track import it into another.

Daniel, thank you. By your confirming it’s possible I came across what the real problem is, how to offset the markers.

Here’s what I’m doing. I have a full film loaded in, dare I say, logic. The TC burn in starts at 00:59:52:00 as is standard here so the first frame of picture is 01:00:00:00.

From the full film I separate projects per cue with different start points. I export midi from logic to get my markers and tempos into Dorico. For example, a logic project will start at measure 1 = 02:00:00:00. The midi file I export “sees”/“embeds” (or whatever the correct term is) the start as measure 1 = 00:00:00:00. So when I import the midi into Dorico the new flow starts at 1 = 00:00:00:00. If I change the video properties timecode offset in the new flow (from the imported midi) the markers don’t move with the offset so they disappear as they are “left behind”, so to speak.

I should add I’m using the same full QT movie in Dorico as in logic so I need to offset each cue in order for the movie to play from the correct spot in Dorico.

Of course I could spot the film in Dorico but I’m an idiot. I’m 3/4 done with this current project, we just got weeks delay so I decided to switch horses mid stream and do the remaining cues in Dorico. Like I said, I’m an idiot.

I should add, I’m able to get Dorico to sync properly to my QT and can move back and forth between logic and dorico as necessary - except for the marker thing. I could just manually re-enter the markers in Dorico and be done with it but not only am I an idiot, I’m also stubborn. If it’s the case that one can’t offset the markers, at least not yet, I’ll let it go… for now.

I watched the video on importing tempo tracks and noticed the tc line starts at 00:00:00:00. This would not work for me as the tc on the vid and the counters would not match.

So, in short, the question is - is there a way to offset the markers?

BTW - the find tempo from markers feature in dorico is fantastic. Does cubase do this? I’ve been keeping a copy of DP around just for this function - I don’t like chasing hits with tempo changes, I prefer to do it with a constant tempo and meter changes. That’s right I regularly use logic, dp for timing, pt for delivery and now dorico. Apparently I’m not just a stubborn idiot, I’m also a masochist.


one more thought - I guess I could create a flow with the entire film and import the markers there then copy and paste the section I need into a new flow… ?

I’m afraid there is at the moment no way of offsetting the marker positions by a fixed time interval, though I can absolutely see how that would be a useful thing for us to add, and I will make a note that we should do that at the earliest opportunity.

Cubase has much more advanced tempo finding/manipulation features than Dorico does, so it may well be worth you checking it out – though I would recommend you wait until your current project is done before you change another variable in your workflow!

Thank you.

Additional thought - I would find expanding the markers to include notes/comments would helpful. There are some types of projects I’d like to do all my composing in Dorico and only go to a a real daw for sweetening and mixing. The ability to do all the spotting and timing in Dorico would aid in that goal.


We do have plans for a feature to add comments to projects in Dorico, but we probably won’t approach this by expanding markers to include comments, though that is of course one possible approach.