Import Master Section Plugins Does Not Import Routing


The topic says it all really … like others who use the master section in their workflow, I import those settings to a montage.

That works fine except the routing (for example the master section may have one plug routed to Mid - Send Return to Stereo) is not copied.

This was the same in WL10 (I think I mentioned it back then as well).

It is not a ‘showstopper’ because it’s obviously super easy to set the routing in the montage inspector … but if you are working under pressure (when are we not) it is possible to miss and that sometimes means a re-render etc.

I’ll leave it with you.

All the best

I note that I must have a look at this.


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Thank you kindly

BTW WL 11 is just sensational.

I confirm this will be fixed for 11.0.20, both when importing the whole Master Section and when drag’n drop a Master Section slot to a clip effect slot.

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Thank you PG!


This does not look like it make the cut for 11.0.20 but hope it will make the next revision?

Thanks as always


I think this works, but only with presets saved with 11.0.20, not from an earlier version.
Can you check that?


I tested this. I created a montage. Then loaded the master section with setting saved in 11.0.20 the day before. Unfortunately, the routing did not import into the montage.

I thought it might possibly be a sonnox plugin issue (as that is the one that is usually routed). So I added the WL StudioEQ, routed that mid return to stereo. Saved the master section effects. Then imported into the montage. Again no routing was carried over.

Mysterious. Maybe something I’m doing or missing.

Always appreciate your efforts.

What is working is the following function. Did you try anything else?

That is the function I have been using (and always have).

I also tried different routing.

I also dragged and dropped a routed plug and it imported fine with correct settings but the routing did not.

I did import saved montage setting and they routed correctly.

Maybe there’s something in my system … although WL is pretty rock solid. I’m on the current Windows build.

Make a preset that does not work for you, and upload it to me, so that I check it.
Use Steinberg plugins so that I can reproduce the case.



So I have looked at this further … it works as expected if imported to Clip. That is, routing is carried over correctly.

However, I really only use Output and the routing does not carry over there … or in in Track.

I am able to reliably reproduce the issue when importing settings to Output. The same import to Clip always works.

Is this of any help? Do you still need a Preset from me?

Thanks. Indeed I only tried with clip effects. I have to fix this for the next update.


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Thanks PG

Thank you for addressing this in the 11.0.30 update. Much appreciated.

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